Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roman Nose

Roman Nose: The Roman nose is also called an aquiline nose (eagle-like), or a hook nose, or a beak nose. The Roman nose, viewed in profile, is convex; the bridge is prominent. Incidentally, if the profile is flat, the nose is called a Greek nose. Regardless of all this nomenclature, Roman noses appear on faces from all around the world. A famous Cheyenne warrior of the nineteenth century was named the Cheyenne equivalent of Roman nose.
His face, once seen, could not be forgotten, said his friend Ellery Channing. The features were quite marked. ... quite marked meant a Roman nose.
In manner, in appearance, and in dress, Emerson was elegant and refined where Thoreau was homely and coarse. Six feet tall with a Roman nose which, in Emerson's case was a note of elegance.

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