Thursday, July 16, 2009

Formesta, Sfora

Formesta: Formesta one of several Old English/Anglo Saxon words for first. In the Dark Hunter world created by Sherrilyn Kenyon, a formesta robe is worn by the people of Atlantis. It is either black or white, long and flowing, usually worn open, and most often worn by Acheron.
Her course set, Apollymi clothed her son (Acheron) in the black formesta robes of his station.
Sfora: Sfora is possibly an obscure Greek word or possibly just made-up. In the Dark Hunter world created by Sherrilyn Kenyon, the sfora is a charm, worn around the neck, that shows the future like a crystal ball.
Yeah and the small sfora necklace Ash had given to his daughter also had the capabilities of ending the entire world. The problem with the most powerful amulets and talismans was that mortals couldn't identify their significance. [... but the astute readers don't worry about the end of the world, because in this universe every ending that might limit lengthening the story or the series is rapidly reversed with even more powerful (unbelievable) magic.]

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