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Quaternary: An geologic period comprising the most recent two and half million years. Quaternary implies the fourth something, and apparently there were primary, secondary, and tertiary deposits in the Italy in the 18th century, but presently, only Quaternary remains in the geological taxonomy of time. The Quaternary period includes the Pleistocene (most new) epoch (ice ages) and the Holocene (whole new) epoch (last 12,000 years).
He was invited to speak at a 1940 meeting of the [AAAS] in Seattle titled "Quaternary Geology of the Pacific."
A Book for Today: Bretz Flood by John Soennichsen

The moral conscience that so many thoughtless people have offended against and many more have rejected, is something that exists and has always existed, it was no the invention of the philosophers of the Quaternary, when the soul was little more than a muddled proposition.
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