Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Davy: Evidently a davy is some kind of sofa, love seat or chair. However, after much searching I could not find any reference to this meaning. Anne Argula uses davy in several of her novels.
The reception area was small, just about big enough for his secretary, her desk, plus a small davy with telephones on the tiny tables at each end.
I sat on an overstuffed davy. A Navajo throw covered most of the back of it.
Guy stayed on the davy, maybe too stoned to get up, or seeing no reason to bother.
My best guess is that davy is short for davenport. Outside of Britian, this is usually a large sofa or couch and usually convertible into a bed. That doesn't exactly match the use in these novels, but the British usage for a desk doesn't work either. The mystery is still open. Any ideas?

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