Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Odalisque [EXPLICIT]

Odalisque: At the bottom of the status hierarchy in a harem sits the odalisque, a female virgin, who might some day aspire to become a concubine, and if the luck provides her with a son, even a wife. But why has the term for the odalisque survived. It is still in use today because artists for the last 200 years have been titling they nudes: "Odalisque."
... one of his dolls, a lush beauty in shocking pink, but with the white face, and she's lying on a cot in the box and there's a mechanism that makes her writhe and move her hand against her crotch. He paid a couple of dozen girls to make videos of their faces as they masturbated to orgasm and we had a beer and watched as he ran them in a loop against the face of his boxed odalisque.

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