Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sten Gun, Bren Gun

These two guns share their etymology, as both names are acronyms, and the EN part of the acronym refers to the British arm manufacturing facility in Enfield. Both guns went into volume manufacturing during World War II, but their life extended well beyond.
Sten Gun: The Sten gun is a submachine gun named for Shepard and Turpin, the designers.

Bren Gun: The Bren gun is a machine gun named for Brno, the city in Czechoslovakia where it was designed.
... two solider with camouflaged helmets going slowly away up the edge of the street, their sten guns at the ready.
One had a sten gun and one a rifle, but they were as scared as I'd been.
We wouldn't have stood a chance if, at the moment we set off, a bren had not begun to fire in quick short bursts somewhere down the road towards the next tower.

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