Monday, January 11, 2010

Ley Lines

Ley Lines: I'm guessing someone saw a great demonstration of magnetic field lines using iron filings and imagined there must be many different, more powerful, invisible, mystical lines of force. These ley lines were posited as the reason for the alignment of Stonehenge (now know to be astronomical) and the Nasca Lines. These various lines of force are called ley lines and they are used in various mystical, new age practices, fantasy and SF writings, and even World of Warcraft.
The circle would be a good fifteen feet across, a rather large enclosure which generally took at least three witches to make and hold, but I was good enough the channel that much ley line force alone.
Another slow breath, and I touched my will to the tiny ley line running through the churches grave yard.
A Book for Today: Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

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